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September 17, 2005

Video, Games, not one thing

At, a webpage I visit often, the forums have two areas for video and games. Both are entertainment and fall under the applications category, it's logical and intuitive, I like it. I visit those sections quite a bit.

Video on a Palm is easily done these days, now that good file conversion software is available to make it easy enough that most anyone could put a video on to their hand-held computer. I have started to actually watch videos on my T|E regularly and I never figured I would use it for that so much.

I started off using an app called MMPlayer, which I bought, without knowing of a freeware app called TCPMP available for both Palm and PocketPC, and I believe other hand-held platforms as well. Both apps do the same thing essentially, however they are stronger and weaker in different respects. MMPlayer wants to do it all for you and offers many features not in TCPMP, yet. I say that because TCPMP is being actively developed and has made many improvements in a short period of time. MMPlayer has also been developed to be more stable and faster than it was, although TCPMP seems to have an edge in performance in most respects, forgiving that it doesn't have to do any skinning.

Despite either ones short-comings I use both. TCPMP is so good for video I can't use anything else, and this is freeware I remind you. MMPlayer costs money, but I think it is well spent, and I like the playlist support as well as the skinning and interface. Playing music with MMPlayer is great and I only experience a pause in the audio when opening MMPlayer while it was playing in the background, at that point a very quick pause happens, otherwise it plays audio very well and also plays MIDI files, something TCPMP does not. TCPMP supports more video formats as far as I can tell, but both apps support the ubiquitous AVI/MP3 codecs that most people will want to use anyways.

I also found on that forum a post in games section regarding a port of the awesome game Duke Nukem 3D, one fo my all-time favourites. Some crazy smart guys out there have been porting classic PC FPS games to the Palm platform, namely Doom/DoomII, Hexen, Quake and now Duke Nukem 3D, my personal favourite of the bunch. You need a fast OS5 Palm, but even my lowly T|E can play these games, except for ZQuake which seems a bit too much. You also need the original game files, I have all of them from a decade ago myself.

Video, and games, a wonderful pursuit of entertainment.

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