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October 06, 2005

Music Creation on the Palm Platform

Recently I found some apps for the Palm OS that do some incredible things I never expected would be possible with a Tungsten|E. If your a musician or just like playing with programs like Fruity Loops your going to be amazed by this program Bhajis Loops by the developer Chocopoolp and also an app called Microbe that is simpler to use, however limited, but still very fun and allows anyone to quickly compose beats that sound as good as any professional package on a desktop PC. These two apps together represent a portable studio on your Palm deveice. Bhajis Loops and Microbe are for sale and cost $26.99 and $15.99 respectively.

Microbe Description from

Microbe, a compact and powerful music application for all the electronic genres

Microbe is an all-in one electronic music studio for PalmOS© Handhelds. Thanks to its 8 tracks drum machine, its 2 monophonic synthesizers and 18 effect plug-ins, it can generate a large palette of cool electronic sounds, rhythms and sequences.

You are a DJ and want a tool to generate fill-ins, drum patterns, basslines or sampled jingles?

You like composing music while commuting?

You want to extend your studio with a small device full of exciting sounds and realtime possibilities?

You don't know how to compose music but you'd love to learn the basics of composition for Techno, House, Trance or Electro?

Microbe is the perfect application for you!

Bhajis Loops Description from

Bhajis Loops turns your Palm into a portable sequencer and sampler.

Bhajis Loops gives you everything you need to create stunning compositions on the go, or to play complex arrangements during gigs: a complete sample editor, virtual instruments with wavetable synthesis, pattern editor and sequencer, effects, automation, and even a special mode for live performances!

You wish you could always have your keyboard or your computer with you... Use Bhajis Loops as a portable and ubiquitous studio.

You perform on stage... Use Bhajis Loops to play accompaniments.

You are a composer or songwriter... Use Bhajis Loops as a notebook, whenever inspiration strikes.

Bhajis Loops is all you need to create music on your Palm.

Music Created on the Palm OS

These apps offer many functions for very complex song creation abilities. If you don't believe me then check out the Bhajis Garden, where artists using these apps have submitted their music creations for everyone to hear. Some of the music there is very good and free to download. A big-time user of these apps and someone who has made a bunch of music on a Palm is a guy by the name transient, and he has a web site with all his muscial albums for download, much of it is very good.

Tracker Music, "Chip Tunes"

Another app I have found that is different but still very cool, Psytexx2 creates and plays XM/MOD tracker files on your Palm, and the developer has made it available for free on his website. XM/MOD audio files were very popular in the underground music scene years ago, but most recently have been disappearing as audio creation on PC's has evolved. Still, there are many cool tunes that were created in these formats, and the beauty of simplicty is sometimes better than most produced music you hear. MOD audio is somewhat limited by the format specifications but some very interesting and complicated music is possible on a minimum of hardware. The developer of Psytexx2 also has made a music album with this app entirely on his Palm device, freely available for download.

Have fun making music on your Palm!

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