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August 12, 2006

ATT 3.4.0 Finally Released

ATT 3.4.0 Finally Released at Download and try it out!

New Features:
- Added Blacklist feature.
- Added Alternate Hotkey.
- Added Taskbar Previews.

- Use the cursor keys to make your selection
- Use the mouse as well as the keyboard
- System tray icon
- Drag and Resize windows by clicking anywhere on thewindow
- Window preview
- Can be disabled (handy for games players)
- Settings window for enabling/disabling features
- Informative tooltips
- Ghost windows!
- Auto Off feature (user controlled variable timer)
- Allows minimizing of windows to the system tray
- Monitors windows for change of caption/z-order/deadtray icons etc...
- Display resolution selector
- Icon/List view
- Variable preview size
- Mouse wheel support
- Automatically minimizes or closes Explorer windows
...and more...

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